Click and Company

In 2018, I applied for and achieved the goal of becoming a Click Pro. What is a Click Pro? It is an organization of photographers and highly skilled artists whose work demonstrates creativity, vision, artistic and technical excellence. Now, I have also been accepted to be a Click Pro Ambassador. Being a part of this community has been such a honor in so many ways. I have met some of my closest friends, have had the privilege to write a published article on Birth Photography, been a semi finalist in The Voice Competition, written a tutorial on getting started in birth photography on the Clickin Moms forum, been published in Click Magazine…as well as having one my images chosen as the Fall 2021 cover, am able to contribute to The Daily Project which is seen by thousands of people online and has its own set of opportunities and the possibility of high profile features, and have unlimited access to so much education and other perks. My next goal with Click Pro is to get the nerve to apply to teach at the Click Away Conference! There are countless benefits to being a Click Pro, and now an Ambassador. If you have any questions about Click Pro or the process of becoming one, please reach out! It really has been so special to me to be a part of this group, there is so much support and encouragement to cultivate your creativity! Thank you so much for accepting me to be one of your Click Pro Ambassadors!!!